Texas State study: More pressure to work sick amid omicron variant surge

How Many MORE Must Die?

Almost certainty, 2020 will be considered, one of the most challenging, difficult ones, in recent memory, etc! The combination of the economic/ financial stresses, throughout the world, the rhetoric/ vitriol, articulated by President Trump, and the horrific pandemic, has created an atmosphere, of fear, desperation, and unrest, as has rarely been witnessed. For someone like Donald Trump, who seems to thrive on holding political rallies, doing so, during this period, has had the impact, of further dividing/ polarizing this nation.

Without Genuine EMPATHY, Constituents Suffer!

Wouldn’t we be, better served, and represented, if/ when, our public officials, regardless of political beliefs, etc, consistently proceeded, with the utmost degree of genuine EMPATHY? Shouldn’t they, prioritize, the perceptions, needs, goals, priorities, and needs, both, immediate, and longer – term, rather than, merely, their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? When, this is not the process, the reality is, constituents suffer, because they rarely, will receive the service, and representation, they desire, and deserve!

How Some Real Estate Attorneys Destroy The DEAL?

Whether you are a homeowner, seeking to sell your home, or a potential, qualified buyer, wanting to purchase one, it’s important to realize, this period of time, is often, an emotionally, stressful one! The combination of family memories, and the fear of the unknown, as well as wanting to get the best price, and conditions, possible, are the key ones, when selling. Being certain, the house will serve your needs, goals, and priorities, and never being, quite certain, you’ve negotiated the finest terms, and price, and hoping your family, will enjoy the area, location, and specific home, is right, for…

Quit Taking It Personally

Every week I put out a tip (a Leadership Tip). This week, it’s a QTIP..

Emotionally Reactive: Can Childhood Trauma Cause Someone To Be Emotionally Reactive?

If someone’s mind and emotions were settled and they felt at peace, they may wonder what it would be like to experience life in this way more often. Then again, thanks to how rarely they experience life in this way, they could be totally consumed by what is taking place.

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