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Systematic and Unsystematic Risks: How to Mitigate Them

Risks are unavoidable in businesses. Find out what are systematic and unsystematic risks, and learn how to mitigate them.

Online Cloud-Based Coaching Software That Can Provide Profitable Coaching Business

As world moving towards digital era, people become lazy and require everything online. Nowadays, online coaching becomes essential part of student life that helps them to connect rural area student. To provide online coaching there is a certain demands for online cloud-based coaching software that fulfill all basic needs for online coaching.

Handloom – A Special Craft

I hear the faint sound of the loom going ‘rap trap rap’ and the special scent of the agarbatti emitting out of a doorway from the streets of Kanjeevaram, an ancient temple town close to the city of Chennai. As I follow the scent I enter a small room where I see the art of Indian handloom weaving unfold before me.

Tactics to Boost Webcast or Webinar Attendance & Registration

Since the past few years, webinars have emerged as the significant genesis of knowledge sharing and managing customer queries. Also, they are substantially contributing to a lead generation.

Point of Sale Software

The cash register is invented, sold, and developed. The first cash register was the brainchild of James Ritty, a “dealer of pure whiskies, fine wines and cigars”. Ritty was running a successful saloon but had one major problem: he was getting ripped off by some of his employees.

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