The ‘humanization’ of pets: How tech is making it easier for you to understand your dog

The Grasp

Grasp this: We all must grab opportunities when they come, or we all depend on luck, fortune, gambling and chance. I mean, genuine opportunity comes in work clothes that look like nothing to grasp, but the opportunity is there, nonetheless. All you have to do as the Aladdin legend goes is “polish the lamp well, at the very least, then out pops the Genie of opportunity.”

Male Infertility and Milk Consumption: The Impact of Diet on Penis Health

There are many factors that impact infertility in both men and women, and diet is just one of these. One issue that affects men, in particular, may be consumption of milk and other dairy products. This article talks about why.

Is Owning Rental Property, For You?

For some individuals, owning, and operating, rental, real estate properties, is a great idea, while, for others, this might not be the case! The difference, not only applies, to the specific property, but, also, each individual’s personality, attitude, and personal, specific strengths and weaknesses. Some factors include, of, course, financial ones, including the necessary reserves, needed, for purchasing a property, starting with the down – payment, closing costs, reserves for repairs, upgrades, renovations, and contingencies.

A Short Guide to Understanding POS Software for Retailer Chains

The article assists in understanding what a store management system is and why retail software is essential. It also talks about how a POS system can benefit chain owners, and the features managers should look for in point of sale software.

Leaders Need VIABLE Solutions

In nearly every group and/ or organization, we often, witness, some individuals, who either, are elected, selected, or ascend to a position of leadership, who appear, either unprepared, unready, unwilling, or unable, to effectively, make a difference, for the better. Being a quality leader, involves, far more, than, simply making empty promises, and/ or rhetoric, and, even, believing, they are well – prepared, for the necessities of leadership, etc. Rather, we need a leader, who fully considers the needs, goals, and priorities, of the specific group, weighs alternatives, and strategically, creates an action plan, which is directed, towards the finest…

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