‘They deserve a stage’: Conjunto music festival returns to Austin this weekend

Frozen: Keep It In or Let It Go?

I watched the movie Frozen again recently. It’s a vivid, delightful, and tender demonstration of the limits (and dangers) of either-or thinking and the beauty and power of switching to a mindset of both-and. The benefits of both-and thinking are most evident when problems are complex and stakeholders seek long-term, sustainable solutions. It’s the kind of thinking we need in our world and that, from this blogger’s perspective at least, is sadly lacking. Yet it also applies in other contexts…

Best Way to Get Back on Track After a Cheat Day

We all know consuming fewer calories than you burn which remains to be the same. Let’s take an example: Do you think you’d have more success consuming 1400 calories a day and burning 2000? Or would you rather take in 2000? And burn 3000 and it encourages a greater impact to burn fat from storage, even though you’re eating more.Burning 3,000 calories may seem impossible for some folks, but you can increase the number of calories you burn through the foods you eat (and when you eat them), the supplements you take (and when you take them), and the exercise you perform. Here are some recommendations for more effective-and efficient- a fat loss that doesn’t involve starving yourself!

Select the Right Equipment for the Best Result and Long Lasting Impression

If you are an owner of a hotel business or running a food truck or do catering on various occasion, then you must be aware of importance of right equipment for your business. It is one of the most important things that have both direct and indirect effect on your hotel or catering business.

Speaking for Motivation: Top Traits of Successful Motivational Speakers

Wish you could motivate a crowd like Oprah or Tony Robbins? Now you can! Learn the top tricks and traits of the most successful motivational speakers on the speakers circuit today by reading through this short, but insanely informative, article full of pro tips on how to motivate and inspire your own audiences. Estimated reading time: ~3 minutes

Inspirational Wainscoting Ideas

Incorporating a wainscot to your room will certainly add sophistication to your home. Explore these ideas on your next home renovation project.

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