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One in One Hundred

Every now and then I’ve come across someone who is in a deep hole, but they’re determined to build some stairs and fight their way out of it. This kind of person is determined to make something of the crisis they’re in. They refuse to be defined by it. They insist they’ll be defined by their response. I love working with such people. And I’ve had the honour of mentoring and pastorally caring for a few of them.

Hope Out of the Loneliest Experience of My Life

Some days, weeks and months become etched into the folklore of our lives. The week of 4-10 October 2003 is one among two of the most significantly harsh lived experiences that have been carved into my psyche thus far.

What Lurks Beneath Misunderstood Emotions

Almost nothing can be more frustrating than the inability to understand a spouse, relative, friend or coworker, especially when they are important in your life. Frustration frequently becomes anger and finally a distancing from someone you once believed was genuinely important. When relationships dissolve into these kinds of dynamics you are constantly seeking solutions. What’s causing this confusion; how can you understand or alter the course of a relationship that feels impossible?

Critical Thinking: Why Are The People Who Talk About Tolerance Often The Most Intolerant?

For quite some time now, a lot has been said about how important it is to be tolerant. This is something that someone is likely to have heard if they follow the mainstream media or listen to what politicians have to say, for instance.

The Thing About Trust

Trust is a dangerous thing. You give it when you determine it is deserved. We lavish it on those we esteem, those we have given leadership of our lives to.

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