This week in Texas politics: January 7, 2021 | FOX 7 Austin

Generosity Demonstrates Love

To have more than enough and then a heart to want to share a portion of your fortune with total strangers is an example of love. With this being an election year, there always seems to be different headlines emerging on a daily basis. Businessman and billionaire Michael Bloomberg announced he would raise funds to help convicted felons pay their fines so he or she would be able to vote in this year’s election.

Movie Review of “The First Grader”

“The First Grader” film is based on the true story of an 84 year old man in Kenya who wanted to enter the first grade to learn to read. His struggle and the teacher who fought for him was filled with much trial but they succeeded in the end.

Druids, the Otherworld and Hypnotherapy

Did Ancient Celtic peoples practice hypnosis? All signs point to yes – let me lay out a few of them.

Hypnosis’ First Scientific Setback

This lesson from the history of hypnosis is so old, it predates the word for it. Don’t let that fool you – it radiates incredible power.

Enlightenment Isn’t Real (and How to Achieve It)

Enlightenment – is it all it’s cracked up to be? Maybe, maybe not, maybe there’s no such thing. Here’s how to get more of it.

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