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Deliberate Practice: Your Key to Mastery

In order to engage in deliberate practice and move toward mastery, finding focus is vital. But I would argue that it takes something more. It takes a quality of attention that brings your presence as fully and completely as possible to your practice. This quality I would call Mindfulness.

They May Feel New, But Beginnings Actually Develop Organically

The new and the old might seem like opposites — so different as to not even be connected. But the reality is actually not like that at all. In fact, our beginnings and endings are so intertwined that, to see them as separate is fundamentally distorting.

The Key to Being an Encourager

In commending a friend about their ability to encourage, their capacity for encouragement, they explained with profound simplicity the wherewithal: ‘I’m learning to speak promptly when God leads and not just think good things about people.’ See the profundity in this statement?

Healing Grief & Loss Attitude

Simply acknowledge your sorrow and move forward with a healing attitude. An attitude to accept your grief condition is essential to you finding the empowerment capacity to start healing. Healing from grief and loss is a vital sorting process of sorting. You can build hope and happiness again. You must never forget happiness even if hope and gladness temporarily forget you. Your attitude determines the possibilities and quality of your life no matter what circumstances you face. A spiritual communion attitude can give you inspiration and power beyond your own efforts.

You Were Sent Here For A Reason

Yesterday a friend of mine called Ian Baillie gave a talk nearby, and this was about “Surviving and Thriving on Post-2012 Earth”. Along with this, he also went into a number of people who he knew and the lives that they had had in the past.

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