Transportation Sec. Buttigieg spoke in downtown Austin

Work Smart Rather Than Hard

So many times, I hear individuals tell me that they wished they had done something but didn’t, forgot an event or just feel overwhelmed with life! There is good news! With a little effort, you can turn your calendar into a tool that relieves stress and makes you feel organized all year round.

Inter-Generational Fun

INTER-GENERATIONAL FUN! I had such a wonderful long weekend! My grandson, Justin, who is nineteen years of age, called and asked if he could come for a visit.

Boundaries: Do Some Peoples Childhoods Stop Them From Being Able to Feel Safe In Their Body?

Although every human being on the planet has a head and a body, it doesn’t mean that each and everyone one of them feel connected to both of these parts of themselves. It may be hard for some people to understand how someone can be out of touch with a part of themselves, but, this is how some people are operating on this planet.

Owning Rental Properties: Positives And Negatives

Many people look at those, who own and/ or, operate investment/ rental property, and ask themselves, wouldn’t it be great, to do so, themselves? While, some individuals, and properties, make a great degree of sense, others, fail to do so! Like most things in life, there are both positives and negatives, of investment property ownership, and you owe it to yourself, to fully consider, with your eyes, wide – open, some of the numerous factors, and considerations, involved.

You’re Not A True Leader, If You Aren’t LEADING!

While many, either ascend, are elected, and/ or selected, to positions of leadership, it often, seems apparent, few, ever, become, true leaders! This dearth of genuine leadership comes from many reasons/ causes, but, the reality, is, no one, actually, should be considered, a true leader, unless he is actually, LEADING! This means, it’s not okay, to simply, hold a position, and be, a place – saver, who proceeds, within the restrictions, of some, self – imposed, comfort zone, but, rather, it is incumbent upon, real leaders, to proactively, consistently, focus on leading, the way, in the most relevant, sustainable manner.

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