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Connecting With Others Within Seconds

Connecting and reconnecting with others is an essential cornerstone for creating a meaningful life. You can connect with others by text or email within seconds.

Can An Abusive Mother Cause A Man To Feel Comfortable With Being Treated Badly By Women?

If a man was to think about what his interactions have been like with women over the years, he could come into contact with a number of memories that he would rather forget about forever. This doesn’t mean that every moment he has shared with a woman will have been unpleasant.

5 Reasons Pandemic Cases Keep Growing

Rather than trying to blame any nation, government, and/ or, individual, for the virus, responsible for this horrific pandemic, wouldn’t it make, far more sense, to proceed, forward, in a well – considered, logical way, to minimize, and reduce, the suffering, pain, ramifications, and duration, of the current situation? What does it mean, when someone says, Enough is enough? To some, especially, many who seem to be the core supporters of President Donald Trump, it seems to mean, they believe their supposed rights, and freedoms, are more important than the overall, health, and well – being of others.

Why SCIENCE And Data Matters Most?

Doesn’t it make sense, our nation, and its citizens, would be better – served, and represented, by leaders, who made their decisions, in a manner, which, consistently, balanced the finest aspects of both, their logical, and emotional components, in a head/ heart balance? How can anyone make the right decisions, consistently, unless/ until, he studies, considers, examines, and uses, both the science, relevant to the specific issue/ challenge, and understands, what the data, indicates, and suggests? When, it comes to making important decisions, and, effectively, using strategic planning, to create the finest, action plan, SCIENCE, and data, matter, the most.

Denying/ Minimizing Pandemic Doesn’t Make It Go Away!: 6 Examples

Although, we have witness a great deal of political spin, denials, and rhetoric, full of, alternative reality, regarding this horrific pandemic, the reality is, the world has suffered severely, and the United States, has had significantly worse numbers, than most (if not, all) other nations! President Donald Trump may say, he would give himself, an, A+. or a, 10 out of 10, rating/ grade, the actual data indicates, otherwise.

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