Travis County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir says she won’t run for reelection

Earn Money Writing From Home And Never Run Out of Ideas

So many of us want to write and earn money, yet sometimes it can seem so hard to do, especially if you are stuck for ideas. Some call it writers’ block, but it’s not necessarily so if you’re just short of ideas. And there is a really simple and immediate way to not only find an abundance of ideas, but be able to sit and write for hours in a real writing ‘flow’.

What’s the Number 17 Reason You Can’t Find Love?

The number 17 reason you can’t find love is well highlighted in my most recent book called, Here’s Why You Can’t Find Love. It’s such a major part of everyone’s life that I had to make a big deal of it in the book. The number 17 reason you can’t find love is because you are listening to something you cannot turn off.

Westcott and Hort, Fathers of the Modern Bible Translations

They are praised and demonized. But their work remains. Using older manuscripts than the King James used, these two men showed to the church an updated version of Scripture that some believe take us closer to the originals than ever.

Forgiving Your Past at Heart of Inspirational Memoir

In “The Girl in Your Wallet,” Teresa Nickell shares her inspirational story of loss and love, making terrible mistakes and then making them right. Her story of sobriety and showing strength in the midst of adversity will inspire readers to overcome their own challenges, no matter how difficult they are.

Kiwisaver Retirement Scheme

Investing for the future is important in order to make things easier for you in your later years and being registered with your country’s retirement savings scheme is a must. There are so many advantages to being involved in such schemes. Every country will have its own rules and it is suggested you do your homework in order to familiarise yourself with your country’s retirement scheme.

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