Travis County deputies investigating after man found dead in car Sunday

How To Introduce The Potty To Your Child: 3 Effective Tips

Time flies so fast – your child is finally ready to start potty training! Follow these simple yet effective tips on how to introduce the potty to your child!

3 Delicious Fruit Snacks Your Kids Will Love

Been wanting to add some nutrition to your child’s diet? Try any these delicious fruit snacks for kids – they’ll surely ask for seconds!

Does Past-Life Hypnosis Work?

There’s a school of hypnosis that says you can – and should – relive past lives. Here’s the evidence for and against it.

4 Tips for Making the Transition to Remote Learning a Smooth One

This article provides information on how you can easily make the transition to remote learning. When all teaching and learning activities are moved online, having a sound strategy in place is crucial for making this transition as smooth as possible. Remote learning can be at first but with these tips, you can make it into a smooth one.

Getresponse Vs Mailchimp: Who Comes Out On Top?

In the past, a match-up between GetResponse vs Mailchimp would have been an uneven competition, as GetResponse was mostly geared towards providing an all-in-one solution, with Mailchimp offering simpler email marketing solutions. However, in recent times Mailchimp have stepped up their game and have emerged as a real contender against GetResponse.

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