TX research: Higher interest rates affect low-income, first-time homebuyers most

To Save Our Children, It’s Not Just About Gun Laws

How can society help prevent school shootings? What can we do to curtail this madness? One educator thinks outside the Ban Guns Box.

Itchy Penis: 5 Tips for Hiding the Scratch

An itchy penis can be enough to drive a man to distraction., but there are some situations in which giving the penis a scratch can draw the wrong kind of attention to his penis.

Swollen, Red Penis? Balanitis May Be Caused by Bacteria

A red penis, especially one in which the redness is located near the head of the penis, is often a sign of balanitis. This condition may be caused by bacteria on the penis.

Leveraged Sales That Boost Prospects Interest

If you want to boost your leveraged sales, you can use a variety of products in combination to achieve your results. Your promotional efforts are key to create a strong attraction for them.

Bold Haute Bohemian Interiors

Modern haute bohemians are world travelers, artists, writers, antique collectors, garden lovers and couturiers. Living in high rise condominiums in New York, San Francisco, Paris, the urban classic contrasts with medieval castle doors, jewel tone cabinets and earthing brass cladded furniture. A new style of boho chic, channeling your inner free spirit, with luxurious resplendent and opulent interiors yet being grounded and earth conscious.

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