TxDOT releases updated I-35 plans, but some say it won’t resolve congestion

5 Supplements Which May Help The Body’s Immune System

Perhaps, because of the current pandemic, and how it concerns, and worries, so many people, there has been, far more attention paid, to options, and alternatives, related to enhancing our body’s immune system. Obviously, there are several conventional approaches, and treatments/ medications, to address immunity, but this article will only, discuss 5 specific supplements, and how these, might have immune – benefits! It is important, to understand, prior to using, any of these, you should discuss, anything, you consider, thoroughly, with your knowledgable, experienced, health professional.

Pay Attention To Public Health, Or Risk A Serious Second Wave!: 4 Considerations

Although, it seems, President Trump, does not believe (or claims, he doesn’t), in what, many public health experts advise, many of us (including, me), believe, science matters, data counts, and, public health emergencies, and crises, should be handled, not by politicians, but by, those trained, to understand, options, alternatives, and the best paths, forward! When, he continues, prioritizing, bringing, large numbers of people together (most of which, not wearing masks, or social spacing), he creates a risk, to the health, and well – being, of many Americans. Since, Trump, already, claimed, this would go away, by itself, when the weather…

Herd Immunity: False Hope, Achievable, Public Health Risk, Risk/ Reward

This horrific pandemic has created an intense desire. by many, for some sort of solution, and/ or, close – to – miracle, to reduce the suffering, illnesses/ infections, and continued level of deaths/ fatalities! President Donald Trump, probably, because he’s been criticized for his handling of this pandemic, has touted a variety of potential treatments, including untested drugs, unheralded cures, and made several claims (which were not based on public health and scientific evidence).

Hand Sanitizers – Just a Passing Trend or a Habit to Keep?

Hand Sanitizers are the most sought after Fast Moving Consumer Goods to fly off the shelves in stores and supermarkets all over the world, especially in the wake of the pandemic situation. With the buzz surrounding its ability to rescue and protect the user from disease causing germs, do hand sanitizers really live upto the hype?

7 Ways to Improve Your Swimming Pool Safety

There are too many young children drowning and injuring themselves in backyard pools. Backyard pools are also the source of many other types of accident and injury for young and old. Let’s check out how you can improve your pool safety to safeguard your family and friends.

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