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If You’re Not an A-List Student Read This

In a world that value numbers and accomplishments, everyone must know their worth even if they are not the one who delivers Valedictory address. The article shows the writer realizations how being an average student is sometimes okay as long as you continue to learn in life.

I No Longer Miss Your Kiss

Losing someone because of break up something that is painful. Although it badly hurts, one must learn to let go and trust that in time, s/he can heal and mend until they no longer miss the person who left them.

If You Are Twenty Something Read This

This piece narrates how it is hard to be on twenty something but encourages the readers to enjoy this stage of their life.Thus, life is too short so it is better to live in every moment.

Hope As Defined by an Adult Child

This article examines what “hope” is and means to an adult child. It explains why he has most likely lost all or a significant amount of it in his life.

A Smorgasbord of Coaching Reminders

Paul shares with you a number of reminders of what makes good workplace coaching and they’re very practical. Reminders of who is responsible, how to push and pull and move along the spectrum. Hints about body language, 7 essential questions and finally, if you really want to take your coaching to a higher level – 10 advanced coaching tips. All designed and written for the relatively experienced coach who wants to step it up.

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