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Be at the Top in Customer Services With Excellent POS

ERP or Enterprise Resources Planning is a comprehensive software that are helping businesses to manage every aspect, from production, resources planning to HRM and accounting. While customers are at the forefront of every business, ERP software comes with an integral POS (Point of Sale) module and this article elaborate how POS can help in providing exceptional customer services.

Open Arodnap’s Box

Arodnap’s Box is the inverse of Pandora’s. Each one holds strange and exciting treasures. And your mind is littered with them. All you need to know is how to face your inner demons.

New Insight Into How Immune Cells Are Formed

After several attempts by various scientists and researchers, it is finally revealed that they have made a ground-breaking invention – The skin patch. It has the ability, not only to heal but also regrow damaged organs within a short span of time.

Scientists Claim First CRISPR Editing of Human Embryos in the USA

With CRISPR technology editing the DNA code of human embryo, can we hold our breath for an absolute eradication of inherited disorders like Thalassemia and similar conditions? The answer is still unclear as there is no such publication about the claims on decoding the DNA with CRISP editing technology.

Stem Cell Agency Funds Phase 3 Clinical Trial for Lou Gehrig’s Disease

A neurodegenerative disease when occurred leads us to a series of complications all together. The occurrence of this devastating disease exposes us to dysarthria – a condition in which we cannot speak properly, dyspnea- a distress in breathing, and also dysphagia, which deteriorates our ability to swallow easily.

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