Ukrainian families come to Central Texas amid uncertainty

All You Need to Know About Lucy’s Law

Lucy’s Law is a crusade against the treatment of dogs as a commodity and a breeding machine in the puppy farm by using your personal contacts, social media and other popular channels.The more information people will have, the more effective the campaign will become. As a dog lover you simply can’t wait till the Lucy’s Law gets recognition.

Overcoming Closed Communication Climate in Organizations

Research has consistently shown that this close communication climate in organizations has these six distinct characteristics: 1. EMPLOYEES ARE NOT VALUED – Employees here are not a reservoir of information. They are not too been heard and to feel that they are making significant contributions in their workplaces.

The Benefits of an Email Marketing Campaign

How many times have you checked your emails today? Once, twice, or a number of times? You probably have more than one email address too, one for work and one for personal use. We spend a lot of time checking, reading and responding to emails every day. It has taken over the normal telephone call because it is cheaper and makes it easier to send documents or pictures.

Is Leaving A Relationship The Answer Due To Infidelity In Marriage?

Here we discuss infidelity in marriage, and when caught in the act where surviving an affair is necessary or either deciding to begin moving on and leaving a relationship. Trust is a necessary aspect to any relationship, and this lies at the heart of a strong relationship. However, once that trust has actually been abused, it will be very difficult to restore that into the relationship. Infidelity in marriage causes extreme emotional discomfort, anger, shock, fear, guilt, shame; but recovering after an affair doesn’t have to indicate relationship healing cannot occur.

Overcoming Status Barriers in Organizations

WHAT IS A STATUS BARRIER? Status barrier can be defined as the form of communication that are so complex in the workplace that prevent the exchange of ideas or thoughts in form of physical, language and status.

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