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Business Sale to a Competitor – Why They Always Pay Less

This article reviews the reasons why a competitor or strategic buyer will pay less, not more, for a business. It contradicts much of the information circulating in the industry.

The Intriguing Topic of Workers Comp Insurance

Accidents cause injuries and tragically, even death. Everyone can comprehend that sobering concept. The fact that accidents occur more often than you would like to think, though, is a no-brainer for any business. The topic of workers comp, therefore, is notably on the forefront of commercial insurance needs.

ABC’s Of Leadership – Y Is For Yearn

So how does a leader motivate his or her team or entire organization to yearn for more by taking on challenges with the idea that all of their efforts will end up with positive results? How does a leader keep others engaged when the initiative has many pieces and will take a long time to complete? To start off, it is imperative to assign the right people to work on the project.

ABC’s Of Leadership – X Is For X-Ray

It is important for an effective leader to be a visionary and possess a form of x-ray vision. This can be very challenging in the work environment that exists in today’s world, so a leader must seek out others to provide suggestions and ideas to them. It seems though that there are two types of leaders right now – one who is a big picture type and the other who is very hands on.

Harnessing Stock Market Volatility

So risk, speculation, poor diversification, low income generation, and up only market value expectations combine to exacerbate uncertainty, but nothing can eliminate it… only that is certain. Those of us who trade common stocks in general, Investment Grade Value Stocks in particular, owe a debt of gratitude to the real volatility creators: the hundreds of thousands of derivative products that bring an entirely speculative kind of indirect supply and demand to the securities markets.

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