UT Austin asks faculty to teach remotely for the first two weeks of spring semester

Repeating LIES Doesn’t Make Them Facts!

Although, we have, routinely, observed, politicians, spin – the – facts, to make themselves, and their ideas, most attractive to voters, we have never, in recent memory, seen, the degree and extent, of, outright – lying, which appears to be going – on, these days! With election day, nearing, every day, we see, and hear, political advertisements, stating a variety of reasons, we should support a specific candidate, and/ or, oppose his opponent. While, this is normal, in watching some of these, nearly, every statement/ so – called fact, seemed, far – less, than, truthful!

5 Important Reasons Science Matters For Public Health

The political discussion in the United States has actually come down to this! The President, publicly, shows his disdain for science and scientists, attacking them in speeches (both, public and private), and makes fun of his political opponent, because Biden says, he would pay keen attention to the scientists, and listen to their advice. While, he often has claimed to be a stable genius, and appears to believe, he’s consistently, the smartest person in the room, whether it relates to public health, the military, foreign policy, economic, domestic policies, etc, it has become, even – more, concerning, when he claims…

Sales Tip Four

Encountering customers, who object to the price you charge for your product or service, is as old as time itself. I want to add at the outset that, if you are encountering this objection at the end of every sales meeting, then you have made a one or all of the fundamental errors listed below: Error no 1: You may not have invested sufficient time to properly qualify your prospect. Are you in front of the perfect future customer, who needs exactly what you have to sell?

Costa Blanca Arts Update – Claudi Arimany in Mozart and Marco Tezza in Schubert

Alfas del Pi music society restarted its concert programme in September and in October returned to its format of three concerts over a weekend. Claudi Arimany and the Beaux Arts trio played Mozart’s flute quartets and Italian pianist, Marco Tezza, played Schubert, Janacek and Schumann.

How the Wisdom of God Alone Can Sustain Us – Short Story

Alpha was a rugged ship built for the high waters but his first journey wasn’t like he had intended it to be. He’s on a journey that is life threatening – a boulder or bad weather could run him down into depths he couldn’t hope to rise from.

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