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Comparing and Contrasting in Classroom Instruction to Online Instruction! Part 2

In part #1 we discussed the virtues and advantages of in classroom instruction. It is the most reliable form of pedagogy to ensure a student attains effloresce [ef-lÃ��Ã��-RESS] – Reach an optimum stage of development.

When Should You Outsource?

If you hate doing certain tasks, it’s preferable to outsource. In fact, if you’re not outsourcing these tasks, you’re doing yourself and your business a disservice.

Home Office Tax Tips

Under the new tax laws enacted in 2018 and work from home due to COVID-19, the home office deduction has become an excellent deduction to save in taxes each year if done correctly. This article will provide some high-level tips and how to report this deduction properly. Always check the regulations and with a professional to ensure you are reporting accordingly.

ABCs Of Your Career Journey – R Is For Reboot

When I am conducting trainings in organizational behavior it is always interesting to me that some participants are actually shocked that there are those in the workplace who have no motivation or desire to move up in their organization and/or take on challenging projects. Instead these individuals are content to just do their job each day, collect their paycheck, and that is it. However this can come with some consequences.

Karate’s Hidden Treasure

The Martial arts have always been shrouded in mystique. This can often lead to students leaving the martial arts in search of the truth or disillusioned. Very occasionally someone emerges for instance, an instructor, who is willing to unravel the shroud of secrecy to the inquisitive student and show the way.

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