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Food For Healthy Eyes: Why You Need Lutein and Zeaxanthin

If you want the best food for vision, you can start by eating those rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. Find out where you can find these nutrients and how they help you fight eye diseases.

CRM for Online Retail Business: Top Benefits

Today, the concept of shopping has dramatically changed. More and more people are buying from online retail stores. This might be due to various reasons, such as the convenience of buying things from home, saving valuable time, offering free shipping, providing an easy way for customers’ to compare prices among various online retail stores, presenting customers’ with less product prices when compared to the products available in physical store, and much more.

Important Considerations For Improving Social Media Engagement & ROI for Small & Midsized Companies

Most probably you understand the growing importance of social media in drawing customers and prospects to your website, as well as announcing a special event or product promotion. And while there are many different forms of social media (Twitter vs. Instagram vs. Facebook etc.) most users don’t know how to use them effectively to help improve marketing communications ROI. Your social media is a direct reflection of your brand and the article provides a few simple guidelines for improving it.

A GSA Schedule is a Business Value Enhancer

Is a GSA Schedule an Investment? Simply put A GSA Schedule gives access to a market, that being the federal market. Marketing dollars spent have both an immediate effect of hopefully making the phone ring as well as a lasting effect if the firm can obtain brand recognition. The top brands in the world Google and Apple are said to have brand values to those firms of in excess of $100B.

The World Underneath Your Hat or “What Are You Thinking Underneath That Leopard-Skin, Pill-Box Hat?”

Neurofeedback uses technology to provide real-time feedback to individuals about their brain waves. Brainwaves correlate with physiological states ranging from dreamless sleep to highly focused analysis. Hooking individuals up to EEG electrodes provides readouts of their brain wave activity in different regions of the brain. In response to environmental triggers our brain waves can loop in aberrant patterns causing problems psychologically as in attention deficit disorder, depression, and other affect regulation problems like uncontrollable anger. Neurofeedback trains individuals to notice the mood accompanying the targeted brain wave they are strengthening thru biofeedback technology and to remember that mood in the middle of their daily life to invite that brain wave to activate.

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