Van carrying college golf teams crashes, 7 people die

Penis Function and the Impact of Diabetes

Many things can have an impact on penis function, one of which is diabetes. This serious medical condition requires careful monitoring and treatment, and can affect penis health.

A Life On Fire

Creative reality when productive, sets you on genuine fire. When it is not, and you do not have a goal. Nothing happens.

Penis Problems: ADHD Medications and Spontaneous Ejaculation

Guys generally want to avoid penis problems of all kinds – including the rare condition known as spontaneous ejaculation. Medications used to treat ADHD are one possible cause of this problem.

Politics: Perceptions, Realities, Or Spin?

With all the political rhetoric, around today, from both sides of the spectrum, and each side accusing the other of articulating fake facts, and/ or distorting the way things really are, and/ or, were, it’s no wonder, we find it so challenging to differentiate between what’s real, perceived, or merely, some sort of spin, where a politician distorts the truth, either to a small, or larger degree, for his own personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! Perhaps, more than ever before, in recent memory, our politics appears more polarized, and adversarial, rather than any focus on reaching some sort…

Anxiety: Can Someone Experience Anxiety If They Don’t Feel Safe In Their Body?

There appears to be a lot of people in today’s world who suffer from anxiety, and while this may be something that only affects certain areas of their life, it may be far more severe. When it relates to the former, there may be times when they are able to settle down and to feel at peace.

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