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Penis Bumps? Look Into Purpura As a Cause

Penis bumps can show up for a number of reasons, one of them being a condition known as purpura. This indicates that some small penis blood vessels may have ruptured.

Is Your Sugar Intake Making You Look Even More Like A Tired Parent?

Tired Parent: Could Sugar causing you to look even more over tired? Many health professionals state that sugar changes the appearance of your skin. In fact, experts now believe a lifetime of overeating sugar can make skin dull and wrinkled. Too much sugar can cause damage to the collagen and elastin in your skin. These are the protein fibres that keep skin firm and elastic. So, if you are looking more tired, drawn out and ‘blotchy’ than normal, it may be that you have too much sugar in your diet. When you’re a tired parent, it’s easy to assume this lack of elasticity or dullness in just due to the tiredness caused by bringing home a newborn baby.

Why It’s Important to Brush Your Teeth Before Going to Bed

The occasional skipping of the nighttime teeth brushing and flossing, may not seem like a big deal, but it can be the catalyst of tooth decay and gum disease in the long run. During the night, the leftover food particles in the mouth combines with a dry mouth provide the ideal environment for bacteria, plaque and tartar to form.

Why Are Cavities So Bad?

Cavities are a common oral health issue that are often treated early during routine, six-month dental checkups and cleanings. Cavities, or tooth decay, are to be taken seriously as they can lead to serious well-being, oral and overall health issues if not treated.

How Visiting The Dentist Can Save Your Life

While going to the dentist every six months may cause your dread and anxiety, these appointments give your mouth the deep cleaning it needs as well as a possible life-saving oral exam. Many dentists now provide comfortable, relaxing office environments and mild sedation for patients who are fearful of the dentist.

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