Veterinary board executives resign amid KXAN investigation

The Problem of Racism and the Repentance to Ponder

I have always considered myself against racism. Then God showed me how racist I’m prone to be. I was shocked, then relieved. Can you identify?

How Women Can Develop Emotional Intelligence

At home or work front, women have to confront situations where being emotionally intelligent pays off. How do you actually achieve emotional intelligence? Look inside for insights.

5 Tips to Preserve Red Tea

Do not waste your pu-erh red tea – Having a good red tea on your table is something that has no comparison. But, in addition to preparing it and knowing its properties, it is also important that you know very well how to conserve it properly. In this article you will find 5 tips so that you do not get spoiled.

No Time For Meal Prep? New Delivery Services Make It Easy To Stick To Your Protocol

There is truly nothing to fear when it comes to changing your diet, if you’re open to the help of a little technology. Changing one’s diet can be extremely stressful for many. Particularly when they don’t feel that they have control over it, like when they’ve been told they must follow a specific protocol to help manage a chronic disease, or they resent the disruption to their normal routine.

Treating IBS Naturally With Visceral Manipulation

A large amount of the population suffers from IBS symptoms. Chiropractic techniques like Visceral Manipulation help relieve these symptoms naturally, without medication.

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