VP Harris to headline Austin Democratic fundraiser ahead of midterms

Criticism of Behaviour Is Not Hate When It’s the Truth

How many think that criticism of a religion or system proven to be incorrect is hate? Religions that worship the sun and moon as gods are among the evil things of the world. Neither of the celestial bodies can be considered divine when they are only inanimate objects that perform in the universal structure.

Religions That Worship the Sun As God Oppose Same Sex Marriage

Every religion started from sun-worship and the depth of deceit by those who continue to promote them is startling. My knowledge of this is due to reincarnation and return to life, as everyone has done some six times (Job 5:19-21). The Old Testament prophecies promote reincarnation, which is why they are not referred to in church doctrines.

Why Content Is King In SEO

A few years back, if you had a website to rank for a search engine, all you had to do is cram your site with a lot of keywords. And you didn’t have to put relevant keywords either. Many website owners took advantage of this feature and made their sites full of irrelevant keywords in order to rank their sites better. Their purpose was to show ads on their blogs or sites and they didn’t care about the visitors or readers. As a result, the visitors visit those sites no more than once. Now, the story is different. Read on to know more.

Who Believes the New Testament?

It is called the Word of God but the bible is a conglomeration of man’s input along with prophecies that were given to the children of Israel. The Old Testament is composed of the Septuagint (a composite written by seventy men) and the stories that were upheld by the Persians as truth, such as that the earth was created in seven days. The New Testament, however, was composed by Jerome, the doctor of the Catholic Church.

Australian Postal Union May Ban Delivery of the Plebiscite Vote on Gay Marriage

This is so dividing the country already. Hate posters are appearing all over and children are targeted and victimised for their sexuality or other things related to the free vote on same-sex marriage. Children who are transgender and/or fighting their sexual identities are being hurt.

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