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Paying Dues Now, Reaping Winning Later

We all love to repeatedly win in a second nature way, but to do that we need to train, condition, work and above all pay our dues to really, consciously and consistently win. When I thought up this article, I was feeling like a loser and a failure for a few minutes. Indeed, though, I realize that when you can train and not take temporarily horrible feelings personally, winning is always the reality ultimately.

How To Care For Your Furniture

Whether you have a couch that is off the showroom floor or one that has been around a year or five, you still want to make your investment last. Taking care of the fabric is key. Let’s take a deeper dive into ways to keep your furniture looking like new!

Three Ways Your Business May Be Killing Your Employees and Customers

Yes, you read the title of this article right! Three overlooked causes of serious health problems are having a detrimental impact on the health of employees and customers. Fortunately, important research is bringing these vital business health concerns to light.

Improve the Health of Your Employees – And Save Money!

Poor indoor air quality is a danger to your health. Lean how to optimize indoor air quality and improve your health.

Here’s a BRIGHT Idea: Upgrade Your Lighting to Save Money

Over the past decade, lighting technology has grown by leaps and bounds. LED bulbs, low cost automated switches and low energy safety lighting have made both savings and security available to every business owner and home owner. This means that upgrading lighting is literally a “bright” idea for business developers and persons renting commercial or other business space.

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