‘We’ve suffered long enough’: Families fed up after repeated floods; relief years away

I Have Nowhere to Go

We’re spending some time on the crux of the Gospel. All of us have a responsibility to spread this message of salvation.

A Paintball for Jesus

Danie repeats what his Sunday School teacher said to him years ago: “Some will miss out on heaven, because it was too easy to get there.” Unfortunately, that is true.

For Every Action, a Reaction, Except When It Comes to God

Many things happen in our lives, but we can’t remember everything. I suspect that if we remembered everything, the hard drive in our brain would fill up quickly.

Firm Knowledge Protection

The other day my son came running in, looking very funny. He had my army helmet (which we called a bucket) on his head and the straps that hold the helmet firmly on your head were swinging loose.

Comparing Robert’s Rules to Meeting Wizard’s Approach

Brief details on Robert’s Rules of Order and the RARA Approach by a meeting wizard are provided so organizations can decide on a process that best fits their meeting needs. Each meeting management process has merits for use in business, government, or non-profit organizations. A comparison of each will help managers, leaders, and chairs within an organization to decide which method is best for them.

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