‘What did we know in 6th grade?’ — TEA reviewing Uvalde shooter’s school history

Setting A Goal Is Not Enough to Achieve It: Here’s What You Need

If you surf the net on any given day, you’re always going to find articles about goal setting. Why? Because it’s important.

Does Your Business Team Lie to You?

I was recently reminded of a story about Alan Mulally. One September in 2006, he walked into the offices of the legendary car manufacturer, Ford Motor Company, to assume the role of president and CEO. Before this point, he had been the chief that turned Boeing around from lackluster performance, and Ford was hoping he would deliver the same kind of magic to Ford.

Generosity Is Like A Breath Of Fresh Air

You don’t realize how generous people are until you are in trouble. Yesterday afternoon I called into the local supermarket, but on returning to my car disaster struck. My key stuck in the door lock and wouldn’t budge! My phone was at home and the spare key I hadn’t seen since the car was serviced, so I had no idea where it was!

Your Reward Is Coming

It is said that a Christian’s benefits are out of this world. And it’s true!

Back Injuries and Lifting

Back injuries are a major cause of missed time – only second to the common cold! The majority of back injuries occur during lifting tasks and these injuries can be very costly for companies in lost productivity and insurance claims. In the short term, a back injury can cause serious discomfort and pain for the employee but in the long term, it can have a devastating effect on the employee’s lifestyle and ability to work. To reduce back injuries in the workplace we should first take a look at some of the major causes:

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