What is a ‘wake low?’

Do We Create Our Life?

Do we create our life? That is a question that has been pondered by mystics for centuries. We all have free will, it is a fact of nature and is not up for debate. Free Will isn’t something that can only be applied to certain circumstances and not to others, if we chose the alternative, by choosing that, we would be exercising free will. If we are free to choose whether to have a hot fudge sundae or a milk shake, then we are free to determine all things that come about in our lives. Free Will is static and unchanging, it isn’t something that is subject to our whims, it is a law of nature, one of the laws of Nature and Nature’s God. If we would choose to believe we don’t have free will in all things, we are still practicing free will in order to chose that option. We simply can’t remove ourselves from the reality of free will.

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings

If you are stuck in a place where you are being overcome with stress, anxiety and negativity, you will be experiencing the feeling that nothing will ever go right again. Unfortunately you are creating a self fulfilling prophecy because whether we like it or not our life is controlled by our thoughts and the more you think about how bad your situation is, the worse it gets. The longer we allow ourselves to be a prisoner to “what might happen”, “what might go wrong”, “how will I cope” or any other thought about the…

Leaders Are Respected For Their Class, Integrity, Ethics And Performance

In recent times, the level and tone of the words, actions and behaviors that come from some of our leaders have reached new lows. This should be noted and remembered, as we observe, select and support the leaders…

Return To The Lord: Part 2 – The Adulterous Bride

It’s Time To Stop Playing The Harlot – As mentioned in Return To The Lord: Part 1 ~ Jesus is Calling His Bride, this word was given to me by Wisdom to share with the Bride of Christ. Part two of this word comes directly from the Book of Hosea 2. In this book we find the love story of Christ for his Bride (the church) played out through the prophet Hosea and his adulterous wife Gomer. It shows us the unconditional love that the Lord has for us even when we leave Him and walk away to follow after other lovers. Although this topic may be considered controversial for some, it is still what the Lord is speaking to His Bride in this season.

What To Do If You Are Arrested

An accused has the right to remain silent. It is usually in your best interest to decline answering questions until a lawyer for the defense is present. Do not be coerced into saying something that could work against you. Be sure to check out criminal defense attorneys before deciding which one to hire. Get one you have confidence in and one that keeps you informed as the process unfolds.

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