Why a Texas Railroad Commission runoff is drawing unusal attention

Which Machine Is Good for Rice Mills, Satake or Buhler?

Rice is an important part of our food palate and diet. It is a staple food, grown widely in our agriculture-based country. The farmers grow it in the form of paddy crop, which is an inedible product in itself. Once harvested, paddy has to undergo proper treatment and de-husking procedures to reach its white known form that we eat. These procedures together are called the ‘milling of rice’. It generally involves systems of pre-cleaning, dehusking, paddy separation, whitening or polishing, sorting, mixing, mist polishing and weighing steps.

A Birthday Is More Than Balloons – Involving the Kids to Be a Part of the Birthday Decor Prep

Birthdays are celebrated with great enthusiasm all around the world. It is a momentous occasion that should be cherished. As a parent you plan lot of things when your child’s birthday comes.

Storing Your Vegetables and Fruits In Your Wooden Garage

Wooden garages are good for more than just storing a car. Increasing numbers of people are choosing to take their garage and turn it into a more functional space, using it for many different reasons, sometimes on top of storing a vehicle. With the accessibility of double wide or larger wooden garages, this is a trend that is sure to continue. One way you can utilize your wooden garage is as a store area, especially for your garden. While tools are one item to store in there, why not also store your excess produce from your garden? A fruitful harvest from a mature garden can yield hundreds of fruits and vegetables per season. The average family can’t eat that much, so having somewhere to put it all is crucial. Here are some things you need to know about storing produce in a wooden garage.

Conservatism Is the New Counter-Culture

When people say I have “values”, what are they talking about? “Values” are the principles in which we hold dear. Values are characteristics that we hold admirable in ourselves and others.

Digging Into Male Masturbation Myths

Masturbation is an enjoyable and pleasurable activity that almost all men engage in. yet there are numerous baseless myths about masturbation that persist to this very day.

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