Williamson County appraisal district estimates 40% spike in home valuations

Erect Penis Problems: The Impact of Winter Weather

An erect penis is a thing of pride for many a man. But in winter, the intense cold can sometimes have a negative impact on that erection.

Type 2 Diabetes and Healthy Living – Start Setting Realistic Goals

Whenever you aim to take on a challenge for a result, you are setting a goal. Goals may be ambitious or straightforward: veer off too much in one direction, and you risk wasting your time. Too simple, and you may not care enough about the result, and feel uninspired. Too ambitious, and you risk trying something too challenging, and finding more frustration than inspiration. Aim for a balance. Set realistic goals that are not too easy but are well within your reach. If you are setting health goals, this is particularly important.

Red Penis? Avoid These Triggers for Hives

When that red penis is also itchy and bumpy, it may be due to a bad case of hives. Knowing one’s triggers and avoiding them helps prevent this problem from occurring.

Jesus In Plain English – Faith

A lot of teaching about Christianity misses Jesus. This article aims to focus on him and look at some of Jesus’ words on ‘faith’. Just what does it mean – is it screwing up your mind, throwing away your reason and believing the impossible, or something else? We must find out.

What Makes It Your DREAM House?

Owning a home, of our own, is, often, considered, one of the key, essential components, of the American Dream. However, it is wise, to know, yourself, your needs, goals, priorities, financial capabilities, present and future purposes and intentions, etc, in order to ensure, this is a positive, wonderful experience, rather than a recurring nightmare! Each of us, have individual differences, preferences, objectives, and economic/ financial considerations and capabilities.

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