Williamson County appraisal district estimates 40% spike in home valuations

Intimacy: Can Someone Be Unaware Of Their Own Fear Of Intimacy?

If someone has the desire to be in an intimate relationship, they may find that it is only a matter of time before they meet the right person. Alternatively, they may find that they are only able to get so far.

Multi – Family Rental Property: Buying, Selling, Renting

Many of us, consider, whether purchasing a multi – family, rental property, is a good fit, in terms of being, a component of one’s investment strategy, and process. Like anything else, a wise consumer researches, and becomes familiar with the possible, pluses, and minuses, and whether it, is for them. It is important to understand, and evaluate, the best, buying – opportunities, whether it should be sold, or if renting, is the best strategy.

Why We Need Leaders, To Think, OUTSIDE The Box?

Many individuals, who seek positions of leadership, focus on avoiding controversies, and/ or, making – waves, ruffling – feathers, or making significant changes, for the better. Rather, they proceed, emphasizing the same – old, same – old, ways and approaches, and justify this, by saying, it’s how, we’ve always done it! However, because of that, few people seeking leadership positions, actually become true, meaningful, relevant, effective, qualified leaders.

It’s Election Season: When Many Office Holders Campaign Against Their Actions

The principal advantage of those, who are not in office, is they are capable of engaging in revisionist history, and proclaiming, they would have handled something, somewhat differently than the incumbent. Of course, when one knows what happened, and measures its popularity with the electorate, he isn’t truly, leading, but rather, merely focusing on getting elected. Unfortunately, many voters proceed, with blinders – on, and vote, based on empty promises and rhetoric, rather than for those, ready, and prepared, to lead, make the challenging, often – difficult/ unpopular decisions, who will do what’s right, instead of expedient!

“The Lack of Leverage Can Destroy Negotiator’s Abilities” – Negotiation Tip of the Week

“We need to destroy their lead negotiator’s leverage to weaken his abilities to negotiate effectively.” Those were the words uttered during the planning stage of a pending negotiation.

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